Philly bound.

As I sit here drinking a peppermint latte in Baton Rouge, I can’t help but realize it’s 70 degrees and November 23rd.. not bad, right? I’m pretty excited to be flying back to Philly for Thanksgiving in two days, I definitely need a dose of familiarity.

Besides the surreal weather, below are some thoughts of mine from the past two months of living in the south:

1. I’m a Yankee.

2. Although I miss wawa, it’s pretty nice paying $5.50 for a pack of American Spirits at the Circle K.

3. I can buy bongs and bowls in a gas station down the street from my apartment.. too bad I’m not a weed smoker.

4. I can purchase tampons and wine while I’m at a Baton Rouge Walgreens.

5. Having tattoos on your arms will get you one thing.. A LOT of stares.

6. More then half of my co-workers are baptist.

7. I haven’t put a stitch of makeup on down here because there’s no where to go that would inspire me to get dolled up.

8. Louisiana people may be friendlier but their definitely not upfont and blunt like most city folk, which I happen to prefer.

9. Almost every restaurant has crawfish on the menu.


10. Gold teeth are all the rage down here.


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