Dylan’s 2 month checkup!

Today Jeremy and I took Dylan for his 2 month checkup to his pediatrician, Dr. Blackman at Marlton Pediatrics. This visit he received the first of his series of three vaccinations. The combo booster, Dtap, was the one that really made him scream like we’ve never heard him before. For the most part Dylan has been an easy-going, happy baby and if he does cry it’s not that screeching cry you sometimes hear from infants (thank goodness!) As soon as the nurse finished administering them, I put him right on the mighty boob (as I like to call it) because it can soothe a baby back to a balanced, relaxed state. Thank you mother nature 🙂

So for his percentages… our boy is thriving!

Height: 23.5 inches which puts him in the 65th percentile

Weight: 13.6 lbs which puts him in the 82nd percentile


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